What we offer to the clients:

We offer wedding-related services, specialize in capturing the precious moments and emotions of a couple's special day!

Our services typically include:

  1. Candid Photography
  2. Traditional Photography
  3. Traditional Videography
  4. Cinematography
  5. Album Design & Printing
  6. Live Streaming
  7. Live Photobooth

Candid Photography

Documenting the entire wedding day, from getting ready; to the ceremony and reception, to create a comprehensive visual narrative. Capturing romantic and intimate moment between the couple, capturing spontaneous moments and genuine emotions throughout the wedding celebration, including laughter, tears, and joyous interactions.

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography in weddings, refers to a classic style of capturing images that focuses on posed and formal shots of the couple, their families, and wedding guests. In this approach, the photographer typically follows a predetermined list of shots, including portraits of the couple, family group photos, and staged moments such as the exchange of vows, cutting of the cake etc.

Key features of traditional wedding photography include:

Posed Portraits, Formal Group Shots, Emphasis on Traditional Rituals, Documentation of Key Moments, Minimal Candid Shots, Attention to Detail.

While traditional wedding photography may lack the spontaneity and creativity of other styles, it remains a popular choice for parents who prefer a more formal and structured approach to capturing their children's wedding day memories.

Traditional Videography

Traditional videography refers to the conventional method of capturing video footage using standard techniques. In the context of events such as weddings, traditional videography typically involves recording the proceedings in a straightforward manner, following a predetermined script or plan. This style often includes capturing key moments such as the ceremony, speeches, and reception events in a chronological sequence.

It remains a popular choice for couples' parents seeking a straightforward and comprehensive recording of their wedding day. The emphasis is on capturing the events and emotions of the day in a clear and organized manner, making it a reliable option for preserving memories of special occasions.

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Wedding cinematography is a style of videography that creatively captures a couple's special day with cinematic storytelling techniques. It emphasizes artistic elements like dynamic camera angles, selective focus, and cinematic lighting to evoke emotions and create visually stunning narratives. Through personalized editing and highlights, wedding cinematographers ensure the film reflects the couple's unique story and personality, allowing them to relive the magic of their wedding day for years to come.

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Album Design and Printing

Modern album design and printing services offer contemporary and stylish options for couples to showcase their wedding memories in a beautifully crafted album. These services combine innovative design techniques with high-quality printing to create personalized albums that reflect the couple's unique style and story.

Key features of modern album design and printing services include:

  • Customizable Designs.
  • Digital Layout Proofs.
  • High-Quality Materials.
  • Seamless Binding.
  • Contemporary Styles.

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